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When you’re busy running a small business, restaurant, cafe, brewery, winery or coffee shop, there's "never a good time” to stop and address personnel issues, but failure to comply with legal issues and not addressing poor performance can cost you—big time.

Let Grow Lead Give help you manage the day-to-day of having employees so you can focus on guest satisfaction


In addition to General HR Advice, we offer the following services:


Streamline tasks for new employees through a series of systems and processes. Define what’s needed legally and for your business, and get newbies up and running in the least amount of time possible.

HR Compliance & Audit

Review current HR policies, practices and procedures. Uncover gaps and identify opportunities for improvement, and help ensure your policies align with regulatory requirements and business processes and mitigate risk.

Handbooks & Policies

Create, revise, or update your company policies and guidelines that reflect your business culture, integrate best Human Resource practices, and are legally compliant.

Employee Relations

Support in resolving employee complaints, performance and behavior issues, and terminations. Facilitate employee discussions. Conduct third-party workplace investigations to reduce risk and avoid appearance of bias.

Job Descriptions

Review, update and develop compliant and engaging job descriptions that identify the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) for the various roles in your organization.

Performance Management

Define your performance process and timeline. Equip managers and employees with necessary tools that help them set performance goals, understand measurements, and guide feedback conversations.

I have worked in the hospitality and retail industries for more than 25 years and have gained in-depth knowledge of HR practices. I spent the majority of those years leading HR initiatives and teams for big industry players, like Darden Restaurants (ever heard of them?), Holiday Inn Club Vacations, and Winn-Dixie Supermarkets.

I have worked with FOH, BOH, management, and support staff. Trust me when I say I have seen it all. One of the biggest mistakes I found is managers and employees not contacting HR soon enough.

My motto is, “Call early, call often.”


As a business owner or leader your number one priority is achieving guest satisfaction. And yet, putting out fires (figuratively, hopefully, not literally) seems to be all you have time to do. I get it!

However, when you take 5-minutes to call or email a quick heads up to your HR partner, you can mitigate employee-related challenges before they become issues.

  • Protect You and Your Staff

  • Get Sound Advice from an HR Professional

  • Save Time and Money


P.S. My main goal in working with you is to deliver expert HR guidance, practices and processes to help you take the guesswork out of the management of employees, and keep you focused on growing your business, leading your teams, and giving great service to your guests.

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